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News from the Hornet's Nest

We think the students and staff here at Ganado Middle School are pretty great, and we want to share that with our families and community members. Check in here for the latest news and announcements from the Hornet’s Nest!

Bus Rules

Please make sure your child understands and follows the bus rules.

  • Please follow all directions given by the bus driver 
  • No food and drinks on the bus 
  • No bullying 
  • Please be on time at the bus stops 
  • Please stay in your seat
  • Please keep the bus clean 
  • No screaming or shouting 
  • No changing buses without a pass 
  • No weapons, tobacco, or drugs 
  • Please keep your head and arms inside the bus 
  • No throwing objects on/off the bus

Riding a school bus is a privilege, not a right.

Invitation for Parents: Success Beyond School

We are delighted to announce the first events in our Success Beyond School series for 2022. These are free-of-charge, live, online seminars featuring career experts and are designed to help parents amplify their children's career potential.

We have five fantastic seminars this term, including topics such as "How to help your child choose their career" and "How to inspire young women to become entrepreneurs". These events are for parents of students aged twelve through eighteen and are free to attend. If interested, contact Charlene Kirk of GHS at (928) 755-1527.